Our Policies


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a technology term that allows developers to place a tiny file on your machine to do various tasks to assist them, to help you. Imagine it a little tiny piece of paper on your machine keeping notes for us.

We use cookies on this site to see where our users are visiting on the site.

The cookies aim to get the following information:

  • Web browser
  • Device type
  • Details about the device like width and height of screen
  • Store an image name
  • Store a marker information

What do we do with this information

This allows us to design enhanced websites and ensure you are getting the best experience.

Mailing List

Like most most companies we have mailing list list that you opt in to. Why do you want to opt in to a mailing list?

Mailing lists allow us to notify you of any events coming up, special offers or any other type of notifacation.

What do we store for the mailing list?

  • Your name
  • Email address

Mailing lists also give us the ability to track if emails have been successful or not and allow us to analyse what type of emails matter to you.

Third party tools

We may use third party tools to assist us work out where your looking on the screen. Typically this tracks all your mouse movements and shows us what you looking at and how you move around the site.This is built into the site and can not be removed. Opt out is simply Closing the browser.

Opt out Cookies

Unfortunatly there is no opt out of cookies, if you disagree with us using cookies you need to leave the site. in order to store the information to opt out we need to store information on your machine.

Mailing lists

Get in touch with us via email and we will remove you from the mailing list as soon as possibile.

Please note that depending on when you unsubscribe there may be an overlap on emails for unsubscring. That being said you will be off by the next email list.

What we do with data

NO data is sold on to any third parties, it is purely used to analyse how the webistes are doing and how well the iste is doing.